KEWAI-DOU is about The Sims3 & The Sims4 hair or accessories etc MOD made by Mia Kewai.

Tumblr3000 (Hair for The Sims3)

  • <!--:en-->KEWAI-DOU Sims3 Tumblr3000 hair for male<!--:--><!--:ja-->KEWAI-DOU ザ・シムズ3 髪型「Tumblr3000」男性用<!--:-->

またの名をチョコボヘアー。Tumblr で3000フォローワーを記念してみた。いつもありがとうございます。好き勝手はハネてます。根本カラーを暗めにすると立体的に見えるかも。毛先はやや明るめにするとハネてるラインが分かりやすいかと思います。恐らく顔ぽっちゃりな人は減り込みます、ダイエットさせてください。
Thanks for clothes by bukovka, ekinege, lillka.

  • ザ・シムズ3男女共有髪型
  • 年代: 子供~老齢
  • メッシュ: オリジナル
  • テクスチャ: オリジナル
  • 作者: 巳亜
  • その他のバージョン: T3k-Justawake
  • シムズ2コンバート: Digital Angelsさん作
The Sims 3 hairstyle “Tumblr3000” for Unisex and allage.
  • Unisex Hair for The Sims3
  • Generation : Child to Elder
  • Mesh : Original
  • exture : Original
  • Author : Mia Kewai
  • Other version : T3k-Justawake
  • For Sims2 convert: by Digital Angels

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Comment or trackback

  1. coiso より:

    i love your hairstyles tooooo much <3

  2. Marti より:

    Hello! I just went to see your first hair and all I can say is that you have improved so much. You really are talented.
    Thank you for making such wonderful hair and for sharing them with us. I hope you will be able to make a lot more ;) . You really are my favorite hair creator. Good continuation! Hope to see you soon! Marti

    • Mia@admin より:

      Hello, Marti :)
      Ouch! Did you see my first hair? hahaha I’m a bit embarrassed. XD
      I have continued trial and error when I make a new one each time. So It’s really happy thing for me that you felt my creations improved. :D Thank you for your words of congratulation! I hope you like this.

  3. Lavi より:

    hello my dears! I wanted to say I love your website, keep it up

  4. Bruna より:

    Hello, first wanted to say that your mods are wonderful XD… always wondered why you put them in .packages and not sim3pack. is kinda tricky to install package here … no problem! only one doubts it. congratulations for the talent!!!

    • Mia@admin より:

      Hello, Bruna! Thank you, I’m so glad that you feel so.
      Ummm… Probably there was some reason, but I can’t remember that now. lol
      I’ll consider about Sims3pack file. :) Thank you for congratulating me!

  5. tanuki より:

    Oh My God~ this new hair is really cute also your model sim as well. Especially the texture is very nice. it looks so~~ cool either in CAS and playing mode. Thank you very much.

    • Mia@admin より:

      Hi, tanuki! Thank you for your comment again :D
      In fact, It was difficult a little to make texture of this hair… because this hair texture is not a simply straight line. (+_+)
      So I’m so glad your praise words for texture. :)

  6. tanuki より:

    Oh~ very nice hair. This hair looks good either in CAS and playing mode. Thanks for your hard work, we can enjoy such a nice product. I always appreciate it

    • Mia@admin より:

      I’m relieved to heard that you felt it looked good also in CAS or playing mode. XD I hope you enjoy the game enough!

  7. Ve より:

    Oh my God, thank you so much for uploading these. Somehow I can make Reborn characters and this hair is the only hair closest to Tsuna/Primo hairstyle. So, thank you so much!

    • Mia@admin より:

      Hi, Ve :D Oh! Did you make to Tsuna/Primo in the Sims3? That’s brilliant! As you might know, Reborn is my favorite manga. XD
      It sounds fun to make Tsuna or Primo with this hair. I’d like to try it. :)

  8. Louis より:

    just one word , Thanks !
    hope youll create more awe hair !!! <3, do you create for any requests ?

  9. Ve より:

    Hi xD
    Well, thanks. I’ve only made Primo though, maybe I’ll make Tsuna next time :p
    But of course, not as similar as they are in the manga, but even my friend when she saw it she realized I was making Primo.
    Really? Reborn’s my fave manga/anime too xD
    I made G. and Alaude as well. But unfortunately, I can’t find G.’s face tattoo :p
    Yup, it was fun making Reborn’s characters :3 But hard, it took hours for me xD

  10. Ve より:

    Anyway, I saw that you were using sliders? I’ve never used them because afraid it might screw things up as some people said so. But, what are they for exactly? Sorry if I’m asking this out of topic xD

    • Mia@admin より:

      I use some sliders, and the serious problem is not happening up to the present. However I agree that some people said. When using sliders, there is a possibility of happen trouble actually.
      The Sliders are very useful, but if you start to use slider, please install it be carefully, on your own risk.

  11. Ve より:

    Yeah I found out yesterday about sliders, but thanks for telling me xD
    And yes it is very useful, but it seems that some of the original sliders become unusable, but still very useful. So, thanks :D

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Tumblr3000 (Hair for The Sims3)

KEWAI-DOU is about The Sims3 & The Sims4 hair or accessories etc MOD made by Mia Kewai.

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