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Levi (Hair for The Sims3)


Male hairstyle MOD of The Sims3.

This hairstyle modeled by Levi from “Attack on Titan“. Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.
Special Thanks: Cloth and boots by SakuraSims.

  • Male Hair for The Sims3
  • Generation : [TYPE:01] Child Elder [TYPE:02] Teen to Elder
  • Mesh : Original
  • Texture : Original
  • Author: Mia Kewai
  • Other version: Levi – Shaved ver.
  • For Sims2 convert: by Toa, by Digitalangels

These hairstyle have Two type. You may choose whichever type you like. Of course Those are able to use both type.
Left man: TYPE02 / Right man: TYPE01(Child age included)


TYPE 01:
TYPE 02:
Both types : TurboBit / DepositFiles

If you download or use my MOD file, we will regard that you have agreed to the User policy. (FAQ / How to Download?)

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  1. Mia@admin says:

    > Dear ALL on this posts
    Thank you for many comments. I’m so glad.
    About how to download, please read User policy and FAQ.

  2. Frosst says:

    uhh.. im new in here..,can you tell how to make tsundere eyes or something like that…?(sorry for bad english)

  3. LauraTitanic says:

    how can i download this? please answer >.<

  4. Roach&Juju says:

    Simply FABULOUS ;o

  5. kirsch says:

    dear Lord, that Levi…. I’m with Maru here, please please please please post the whole sim? *puppy eyes*

    ….I’ll sacrifice my first unborn kitten for this XD

  6. indah says:

    I have the same problem with Amie… i can’t download it. I want it so bad. Amazing hair btw ^^

  7. Mich-Elsa says:

    ahh…it’s now working (after I restart my computer), my bad…すみません…

  8. Mich-Elsa says:

    Umm…is the child version’s download link working? Or it’s just my computer being weird…=_=

  9. Sintiklia says:

    Amazing hair! And so realistric! You one of the talented hair-creators who make texture so realistic!

  10. Yuri says:

    So Cool… Thanks^^

  11. Lee says:

    perfect !thanks

  12. 通りすがり says:


  13. Amie says:

    I don’t know whether it’s my computer that has problem or all the files are error, but I can’t download any of those. Could you please check the link? Thank you! :(

  14. Maru says:

    I’ll dream with this Levi. Will you post it for download (the whole sim) ?

  15. Crocs says:

    your creations are perfect.. thanks

  16. DreamPainter says:

    WOW, finally!! Thank you so much for your wonderful work! <333

  17. wow says:

    wow, amazing, cant be true :D, very beautiful and skillful

  18. Mich-Elsa says:

    OMG He really looks like Levi!

Levi (Hair for The Sims3)

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