KEWAI-DOU is about The Sims3 & The Sims4 hair or accessories etc MOD made by Mia Kewai.

3kan4on (The Sims4 Unisex hair)


ザ・シムズ4男女両用髪型「3kan4on (三寒四温)」


  • ザ・シムズ4男女両用髪型
  • 年代: 十代~老齢
  • メッシュ: オリジナル
  • テクスチャ: オリジナル
  • 作者: Mia Kewai

* 基本的には ご利用規約 通りですが、メッシュデータを含まない状態でのリカラーの配布は可です。恐れ入りますが、配布の際はリンクとクレジット表記をお願いします。


The Sims 4 hairstyle “3kan4on” for male and female.
  • Unisex hair for The Sims4
  • Generation: Teen to Elder
  • Mesh : Original
  • Texture : Original
  • Author: Mia Kewai

* Please agree with User policy (T.O.U.) before download.

Basic pack

This pack contains mesh data and 18 basic EA hair colors.


icon-save Download Basic pack

Recolor pack 01

ナチュラルな髪色18色のリカラーパックです。メッシュは同梱されていませんので、上のBasic packが必要です。
This is a recolor pack of 18 natural hair colors. Mesh is not included in the package and requires Basic pack above.


icon-save Download recolor pack01

Recolor pack 02

ちょっと変り種の髪色18色のリカラーパックです。メッシュは同梱されていませんので、上のBasic packが必要です。サンプル画像の白と紫のまだらなやつはこちらに入ってます。
This is a recolor pack of 18 unique hair Colors. Mesh is not included in the package and requires Basic pack above.


icon-save Download recolor pack02


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Comment or trackback

  1. hess より:

    I love your hair!! very very thank you for made! XD

  2. […] Download at […]

  3. DDnyann より:

    I don’t know if I am the only one with this proble, but I can’t download from Turbobit :/ It says that my IP reached it’s limit (which it’s impossible ’cause I haven’t downloaded anything from Turbobit) so I waited 10 minutes, wrote the captcha… and the counter of 10 minutes started again T_T

    Could you please use another server? This hair is perfect for my boyfriend’s sim ;w;

    • DDnyann より:

      Oops, I didn’t noticed that the turbobit file was the whole pack, how embarrasing, sorry >_<

      Thank you for all your custom contents for Sims 3 and 4!

      • Mia@admin より:

        I’m relieved to hear that. :) Thank you for let me know it.
        I hope that you enjoy this hair in the sims4!

  4. hjpotpourri より:

    I am thank you for your hairs!!!
    Every hairs are very beautiful!! I use always your hairs when i play SIMS. Thank you!

  5. sasu より:

    I might be completely stupid but I have no idea how to get the package to open with the sims launcher to add it to my game….

  6. ShotaKillers より:

    When I downloaded the recolour pack 1, it completely glitched out. I’m assuming that it had something to do with the March 26th patch (it has ruined a lot of CC and some doesn’t even show up in cas anymore), but I figured I would tell you just to be safe.

    • Mia@admin より:

      When it is basic back only, is it work?
      Umm.. At my pc, all my packs are working after update 26th patch. I can’t say for sure, but I guess that it cause relation of other mod.
      Anyway, Thank you for letting me know that. I need to think more. :)

      • ShotaKillers より:

        Yes, the basic pack worked just fine. It was only the recolor 1 that didn’t seem to.

      • Mia@admin より:

        Thank you for reply. If you have recolor02, Is recolor02 working?
        I’ve made recolor01 pack by another way. If you don’t mind, Could you please try this file and tell me a result?

  7. chicken noodle soup より:

    Plz make more hair! I love these so much!!! <3

  8. Sylentwhysper より:

    Such a beautiful hair and thank you so much for making so many lovely recolors.

    • Mia@admin より:

      Thank you very much! I’m very pleased to hear those words. Hoping that you enjoy also recolors. :D

  9. DjEnime より:

    Man… you the best, thank you very much, i love this hair, thank you.
    by the way, will you make more anime hair for the sims 4.?

    • Mia@admin より:

      Thank you, I’m glad you like this!
      Although I’m not sure whether that is anime’s hair or not, I’d like to create more hair. :D

  10. silvertora より:

    Some people are just gifted with talent – you are one of them – tks for sharing

3kan4on (The Sims4 Unisex hair)

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