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When this hairstyle is blonde, I think it looks like Cloud Strife a bit. This clothes was made for sample shots of this hairstyle. If it was good quality, I was going to share it. But it was not. X(

By the way, recently I bought “Attack on titan” vol 13. It was exciting.


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  1. みさき says:



    → 坂道発進で余裕の立ちゴケ
    → 恥ずかしさも手伝って 一気に引き起こし即トンズラ


    • Mia@admin says:

      でもちょっと近くに行くときなんかは便利ですよね、車庫入れの不安もないしw (私は車庫入れ超絶苦手です) うーん、原付でも100kgとかあるんですね・・・私、倒れたら起こせなさそうです。

  2. bunyip says:

    I just got done downloading this hairstyle BECAUSE I’m looking for a Sims 3 Cloud Strife hairstyle and can’t find anything. Then I ran across this page while looking at the rest of your work. I laughed. Perfect! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that was thinking that. If you ever do make Cloud hair, sign me up. I’ll be right at the front of the line to download it.

    • Mia@admin says:

      Hi, Thank you for download this hair.
      Although this is not perfect as Cloud’s hairstyle, it looks like his hairstyle of FF7AC a little. So I hope you enjoy the game with this. :)
      I’m not sure whether I’ll make his hairstyle in the future, but if I make it, I’ll release it in this website. :D

  3. Raiden says:

    Nice! Have you thought about making a Michaelis version 2 even more similar to Cloud hairstyle?

    • Mia@admin says:

      Thank you! I have thought about other version of Michaelis before. To be honest, I’m thinking about to make other hairstyle now.
      Cloud is my favorite charactor, so if I make his hairstyle,I will make from start it for him. :)

  4. Aelita says:

    Uhm… sorry for bother you, but can you make Eren hair please? Thank you^^

    • Mia@admin says:

      I have thinking about to make Eren’s hairstyle since before.
      However it’s hard to say when. Anyway, Thank you for your suggestion. :)

AOT vol.13

KEWAI-DOU is about The Sims3 & The Sims4 hair or accessories etc MOD made by Mia Kewai. Google+

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