KEWAI-DOU is about The Sims3 & The Sims4 hair or accessories etc MOD made by Mia Kewai.

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I’ve asked to remove my files, but they didn’t. I’m going to stop new release of my mod.
ผมเคยถามว่าจะลบไฟล์ของฉัน แต่พวกเขาไม่ได้ลบไฟล์ของฉัน.  ฉันจะไม่อัปโหลดผลงานใหม่ของฉันอีกต่อไป






About this website, simsimi also angry.



まだ、ちゃんと完成してないので何ですが、ミカサ風()な髪型の配布につきまして、恐らく何らかの制限が設けられると思います(´ω`) どういった形態になるかはまだちゃんと考えていないのですが、今回はわりと本気で。
余談ですがw WPのバージョンアップ等々をしていたら、サイトの表示がえらいおかしいことになった。タイミングがタイミングなだけに、外部アタック的な何かと勘違いされそうな有様だったんですが、何とか元に戻りました。バックアップって大切だね!\(^o^)/
2013/12/10こんばんは!12巻は胸熱でしたね、色々と!私も一回読んだだけだと、情報を取りこぼしがちなので三回くらい読んで日記に熱い想いを綴りましたw さっそくあの団長を再現してくださってありがとうございます!髭団長ぉぉぉお!!!いやー、進撃は中弛みしないので完結するまで、進撃熱がおさまる気がしません。実はゲリヲンさんは、ミカサよりも以前に途中まではモデリングしてあるんですけど、すっかり途中で止まってます(笑)


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やっちまった/(^o^)\ 似てないけど何かピコーンと来ても



シムズ4 de ...








Comment or trackback

  1. Casey より:

    Oh no. Iv’e been looking forward to your new hair since I saw it. Those people are ruining it for everyone else :(. I haven’t even been making sims because I was waiting for your hair. I am sorry those people are so disrespectful.

  2. G Island より:

    Dear Mia .Please cool down…en,In china I always see my friends CC Include myself theft : ( Although negotiation we also not have anything result..Though you encountered too many annoying things, I hope you won’t lose enthusiasm of the things u love cuz there will be more players support you ~

  3. P_ruykruski より:

    I see it, too
    and I’ll support you.
    I’ll report this to admin for delete it. I love your work.
    you can have my moral support :)

    sorry I’m not good at english hahaha
    but.. I want to tell you about it. Thank you

  4. Akamine より:

    O my, I’ve been looking forward to your new creations since I discovered your page ^_^ ( I’m a big shingeki no kyojin fan ;) These people from Thai page… shame on them!

  5. Amanda より:

    I think I am going to cry, I wanted that hair so bad. It was perfect.
    No one else seems to make hair like that. I wish it could be put up.

  6. leath より:

    How I hate reuploaders!!! Im so sorry for you :( I hope they remove it ASAP though

  7. Thinkamie より:

    aw man, i so wanted that hair for mikasa :(
    f*cking thieves!

  8. chitra より:

    I’m your big fans, Mia-san, I’m really sorry to hear that. Please be strong, we are here to support you. Please don’t lose interest in making custom content, I always love your creations. Cheer up, Mia-san!

  9. Sunnie より:

    Please don’t stop making new mods! I just discovered your work and it’s excellent. It’d be a shame to lose a modder like you because of rude people! I love your work! Don’t give up! :)

  10. Ivy より:

    I’m so sorry to hear this! It’s awful that Thai Sims 3 is so disrespectful to CC creators.

    I hope you can feel better about the situation soon. Playing or creating for The Sims is supposed to be a relaxing, fun activity, but some people have to ruin it for all of us.

  11. Ren より:

    Oh Mia, Please let us use this hair, Thai the Sims is very rude for that,but your fans know it is your stuff, we support you. I won’t ever use that site, and will tell others about what they are doing.

  12. Mia@admin より:

    Dear All people who gave me comments,
    Thank you for many comment about this problem.
    Please forgive me that I can’t reply to each comment.

    I am sorry for having caused you so much worry. However I’m really grateful that there are many people who are supported me. Thank you.

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KEWAI-DOU is about The Sims3 & The Sims4 hair or accessories etc MOD made by Mia Kewai.

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