KEWAI-DOU is about The Sims3 & The Sims4 hair or accessories etc MOD made by Mia Kewai.

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scarf byshatsai Thanks!
In fact, The reason why started to make Mikasa’s hairstyle is scarf MOD. I thought that want to use those to Mikasa sim.  :) The red scarf is distinctive and very important for her.


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My CAS is very chaos by my creations.

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  1. Merve says:

    Hi. I apologize for the inconvenience. I like very much Mikasa’s hair. But i can not find it in your website. Where can i download or find it anyway. Good wishes.. Have a nice day… :)

  2. Sha_Tsai says:

    Thank you for using my scarf ~♥♥♥♥♥♥
    although this first edition of the scarf I didn’t do well(´;ω;`)

    • Mia@admin says:

      Welcome, Sha_Tsai! and Thank you for your comment.:D
      > I didn’t do well(´;ω;`)
      Oh, no!! I think your scarf are very good shapes! I really love it! :)
      Thank you for sharing lovely scarfs!

  3. leath says:

    Ahh so pretty! i can’t wait till we can download the hair (your hair is so precious ah i love it to bits

    i wanted to ask, would you consider doing eren’s hair? i can’t find any and I think if you made it it’d be the greatest eren hair there is

    • Mia@admin says:

      Thank you. But now, I’m sorry about that I might can not release her hair for everyone…. (._. )
      Although I have plan to make his hair, I’m losing my motivation to make now.

  4. Claire says:

    What contacts do you use for your sims? I really like the one used on Rei and this one. Also, what sliders do you use?


KEWAI-DOU is about The Sims3 & The Sims4 hair or accessories etc MOD made by Mia Kewai. Google+

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